Noun. ROLLA definition: 1. Badass film professionals who handle badass clients to create badass work. 2. Not quite a rockstar, not quite a gangster but a Rockn'Rolla. 3. A city in S central Missouri. 4. A denim jeans brand. 5. Where drinking doesn't stop until you graduate.

Verb. Definition: 1. A verbal cue to roll the camera ``Oi! Roll lah! We are losing light!``


If you find yourself getting high by creating imaginary friends living in a world where the only colours you like exist, you may be struggling with addiction. It's important to seek help. Please email or call the hotline below right away.


Jake Nam

Damien Eu


Behind the Scenes: Brother “Office Love”

  “A love story. A rivalry between two boys trying to get to the perfect girl.” When we got the brief from Brother, we were thrilled. The creative collaboration with the client was something of a rare entity. There was a believe in the way the...

Behind the Scenes: Chope “#shouldhavechoped”

With the boom of social media over the past few years, everyone’s trying to make the next viral video. We mean online videos that they hope can go viral. But what does it take to truly make a video viral? And is view count the only factor that makes it g...



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