Behind the Scenes: Brother “Office Love”

Behind the Scenes: Brother “Office Love”


“A love story. A rivalry between two boys trying to get to the perfect girl.”

When we got the brief from Brother, we were thrilled. The creative collaboration with the client was something of a rare entity. There was a believe in the way the ad should be made, how we do it, what and where it should or should not head to.

We wanted to create a piece of work where both story and product co-exist together without being forced.

A love story. A rivalry between two guys vying for the perfect girl.

The story is a modern fairy tale where strangers connect in reality. Where messages are made through things that can be touched and felt like love letters, rather than text messages made from pixels sent casually through the air. Details, quality and passion matters when it comes to crafted gifts to someone. Juxtapose that same logic with the two guys in our spot who use a more traditional approach by displaying printed messages for the girl as to them communicating with her online instead. In the background, Brother comes in not just as a efficient printer for our protagonist but also his reliable partner. The idea in the end, is not so much whether or not the guy gets the girl but more about trust.


The challenge is that the love at first sight happens across three different buildings with each character in their own space. Whilst it is not entirely impossible to shoot in an actual location, having full control of lighting, camera movement and angles will be a challenge. With a combination of techniques from the practical set build in a studio and CGI, we successfully created the desired mood and feel. With post production done in-house, it also gives us further control and confidence to perfect this spot.

Today, our simple and beautiful spot has already garnered more than 5 million views in Thailand.


Official Brother “Office Love” Spot

VFX Breakdown: Brother “Office Love” 



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