A new era of video production in Singapore

A new era of video production in Singapore

Well, we aren’t very sure if starting a production house at this time is a right time. After all, there are many competitions out there. But it always strike me, why do we have so little commercial work out there that people really talk about? You have your tear jerking Thailand commercials, the weird quirky Japanese ones and of course the all daring controversial American ads, etc. Thing is we don’t have to make a commercial that travels the world but one that people remembers and talks about. So isn’t it about time we make a Singapore commercial that people remember or talk about? 

Well, it isn’t as simple as it sounds. Not only does it take guts to do it, it takes all creatives to be on the same page, come up with a great idea then sell it to the client. And not just creatives from agencies but also the creative directors/tvc directors from the production house. Executive producers from both ends also need to help contain ideas within budget. Not to mention the various department and crews who are part of the project.

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“Be adventurous, be a winner, be a Rolla.”

Therefore, Rolla was created. Why a creative production house? We are not just executors for your ideas. We make sure your idea gets communicated to your targeted viewers, bringing it to another level. Be it direction, techniques, performance, casting or story. With the knowhow of innovative film techniques and strong post knowledge, Rolla is able to make your big ideas come to life. Most importantly, we work together as a team. We cover all areas of film/video making. From TVC, online/social media videos, corporate videos, music video to short films, from pre-production planning to post- production! We are serious in our business but we never let fun be out of the way.

Be adventurous, be a winner.

Be a Rolla.



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